To Be Treasured; Design Majeur's 2017 Gift Guide

The Holidays are the perfect excuse to indulge in this ritual; the art of gift giving, time honoured and born from a place of affection. Small tokens of appreciation that have the ability to say so much in a simple gesture - yet the question of what can oft be perplexing. 

At the core of our little shop and subsequently this journal, we want to adorn homes with things of meaning. To be treasured and passed down. To be used and lived in. And so as we built this year's gift guide we chose pieces that delighted us, encouraged slow living and were simply downright useful. We hope this helps inspire your purchases and sparks ideas for those on your list. 





Flora Woodlot Soap / Riess Milkpan / Redecker Holed Spoon / Sydney Hale Candle / Rifle Paper Co. Card / Urbanovitch No. 1 Fragrance / Urbanovitch Earrings / Rifle Notebook Set / Bindewerk Linen Notebooks / Hornvarefabrikken Barette / Pura Overnight Garden Mask / Redecker Copper Cleaning Cloths / Rusty Thought Diamond Necklace / Vintage Compact / Peg and Awl Rolling Pin / Vintage Handkerchiefs 

(As Pictured from Top Left to Bottom Right) 




Redecker Shaving Soap / Hornvarefabrikken Letter Opener / Province Apothecary Soap / Compartes 'Nightcap' Chocolate / Vintage Woods Ribbon / Vintage Leather Cigar Box / Panforte / Huberds Shoe Grease / Redecker Clothes Brush / Daneson Bourbon Toothpicks / Hyperion Silver Necklace / Redecker Nutcracker / Peg and Awl Waxed Canvas Pencil Case / Homework Press Card / Woodlot Palo Santo    

(As Pictured from Top Left to Bottom Right) 




Vintage Pencils / Trifulot Assorted Truffles / Washi Tape / Striped Paper Straws / Redecker Children's Nail Brush / Homework Press Holiday Card / Bees Wax Tapers / Dish Cloth / Rifle Paper Co. Card / Pura Pixie & Sprite Wash / Awash Lavender Bath Salts / Bees Wax Tree Candles / Drizzle Mini Raw Honey / Maven & Grace Gift Card /  Vintage Gummed Labels Book / Sydney Hale Matches / Lakrids / Soap Satchel / Petit Wooden Redecker Toys


We sincerely hope these guides help you during this bustling season. For more inspiration find last years gift guide here or simply stop by the shop!

We are open with extended hours during the Holidays and we hope to see you soon!