Redecker Clothes Brushes

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Redecker Clothes Brushes

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Keep your wardrobe looking it's best for years to come with a little care.

Elevating everyday essentials, Redecker has been making brushes for over 75 years. They offer an extensive selection of both traditional and highly modern brushes and wooden articles for your home. Tackling chores has never looked so lovely!

These clothes brushes are sold individually. 

Suede Brush: This oiled beechwood brush has a brass bristle edge for deep cleaning. Approx. 12 cm. 
Bronze Clothes Brush: This strong brush is suitable for all types of fabric, easily removing pilling with the bronze wire. Approx. 13.5 cm
Clothes Brush: This oiled beechwood brush has stiff black bristles. Approx. 13.5 cm. 

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