Melifera Bees Honey


Melifera Bees Honey


Mellifera Bees produces distinctive, hand-crafted honey infusions of exceptional quality. Each jar contains unpasteurized honey harvested from thoughtfully managed hives from bee yards, in neighbourhoods across the Lower Mainland and British Columbia.

Cardamon Infused Honey: Rich, spicy and imbued with a wanderlust spirit, Mellifera laces its wonderfully piquant wildflower honey with cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon and orange rind to create a decadent treat worthy of special occasions.

Vanilla Honey: With spicy floral notes and the potent tingle of local wildflowers, beekeeper Melissa Cartwright pays homage to the ancient symbiotic relationship between the intoxicating yellow blossom of the vanilla orchid and the gentle grazing of the pollinating bee with Vanilla Infused Honey.

Lemon Infused Honey: More than a tonic for whatever ails you – be it a sore throat or a soggy disposition – Mellifera Lemon Infused Honey is bright and balanced, offering a panacea appropriate to every meal.

Thai Chili Honey: The perfect mix of spicy and sweet, this honey is wonderfully suited to use in glazes, sauces and other culinary treats.

Fennel Infused Honey

Lavender Infused Honey

Sold Individually, each jar is 112 grams. 


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